Former South African president Mr Nelson Mandela once said in November 2003 “Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care for them in the best and most compassionate manner possible.” This statement aligns perfectly with the goals of Liv Village, wherein it is their purpose, mission and passion to raise the next generation of leaders in our nation.  Liv Village places parentless children into a family environment, where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing, and where all their physical and spiritual needs are met.

One of SMD Africa’s values is “Committed”, which we interpret as dedicated and sincere. It is this alignment of values that caused the paths of Liv Village and SMD to cross.  When Juan Kidd and the team at Liv Village in Durban were struggling with the daily use of a dirt road within the village, they reached out to SMD who was more than willing to assist to repair the road.

During these challenging times, most organisations become self-centred and look out only for their interest.  We at SMD have seen the need to lend a helping hand to those in our community who are less fortunate than we are, even through we ourselves are trying to navigate these challenging times.

When we say, we aim to become a trusted partner in the community, these are not just empty promises.  We believe trust is earned and you do not have to take our word of it.  You can follow our journey and experience this yourself.   

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