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Quality Relationships Require Effort

Quality Relationships Require Effort

Quality Relationships require effort Operating in the maritime community will require one at some point to engage with the Naval authorities.  SMD like many maritime organisations has benefited from a long list of employees who were formally Navy sailors, trained by...

SMD Durban – Bouncing back in the face of adversity

SMD Durban – Bouncing back in the face of adversity

Paul Donders defines resilience as the competence, capacity and energy to deal in a meaningful and constructive way with: stress, disappointments, crises, criticism, changes, fear. Building trust does not stop when adversity strikes, we keep building!

Liv Village

Liv Village

Former South African president Mr Nelson Mandela once said in November 2003 “Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care for them in the best and most compassionate manner possible.” This statement aligns perfectly with the goals of...

Successful Release Operation for Rescued Elephant Seal

Successful Release Operation for Rescued Elephant Seal

Splash! Then one last look back from the big black eyes of the brave young seal before he dived beneath the swell to begin his long swim back home, from the southern coast of Africa, to the sub-Antarctic islands, some 1000 nautical miles away. His human friends on the...

Service is the foundation of all successful Organisations

Service is the foundation of all successful Organisations

“Service is the foundation of all successful organisations”, Denis Peacockce It’s a week before lockdown and a client needs an urgent service in Angola. Upon investigation, it becomes evident that with the current pandemic, it will be virtually impossible to send...


Position available – Marine Electronics Technician

Summary of Position : Marine Electronics Technician to carry out field and workshop service including repairs, installation and surveys of relevant equipment on board marine vessels, as assigned by the Service Coordinator/ Service Manager.

Summary of key responsibilities

  • Carry out necessary work requirements.
  • Compile on board report.
  • Carry-out manufacturer’s specific functions related to the job.
  • Assist with technical support to service team and office.
  • Assist the service manager to ensure test equipment are operational and service kits are complete.
  • Promote on board and workshop health and safety.
  • Carry-out specific office administrative duties related to the job.
  • Ensure workshop prepared for service activation and client engagement.

Skills / Abilities

  • Be professional, and positive with an attitude that demonstrates responsibility.
  • Strong oral and written communication abilities in English.
  • Demonstrates and applies strong problem-solving skills in day to day operations.
  • Comprehend current and emerging technologies.
  • Have good ‘people skills’ for building relationships with colleagues and our clients.
  • Ability to maintain composure under pressure.
  • Decision making.
  • Computer savvy.

Minimum requirements and Job specification requirements:

  • Electronic knowledge and experience. Marine experience advantage.
  • Grade 12 Certification.
  • A relevant tertiary qualification at a recognised and SAQA accredited university/ institution will be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of relevant electronic equipment, policies, and procedures to effectively promote effective local, provincial or national operations.
  • Principles and the relative processes for providing excellent personal customer services, which includes needs assessments, ensuring the quality standards, and evaluating the satisfaction of your employer.
  • Understanding of broadcasting, transmission, switching, control and the operation of any sea based or land-based telecommunications systems.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, even when under pressure
  • Time flexibility and self-reliance, along with the ability to work independently, safely and communicate effectively are must
  • Marine engineering experience and shipboard knowledge, good mechanical ability, mathematical and computer aptitude advantageous.
  • Organized and time management skills
  • Must be self-motivated, goal and customer oriented.
  • Ability to multitask and adapt to a changing environment

Apply for a career with SMD

If you are interested in a career with SMD, and can fulfill the advertised requirement, please send us your CV.

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