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We represent a wide selection of brands for us to best help keep your fleet moving!

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equipment & spares

We have a wide selection of Equipment and Spares for the Manufacturers we represent.

new installations

We provides world class installations of new Equipment.


We are consistently rated with the highest quality service companies in the world.

GMDSS safety radio surveys

We are Accredited by the major Classification Societies, for all your GMDSS Safety Radio needs.

VDR annual performance tests

We are Accredited by a wide selection of VDR Manufacturers, to provide for all our Annual Performance Tests needs.

annual overhauls

We are trained and authorised to do Annual Overhauls on a wide selection of Equipment, from Gyro Compasses to Radars, and everything in between.

Airtime Sales

We represent a number of airtime suppliers and can provide a wide selection of options.

Fire & Gas

We have Engineers that are Manufacturer Accredited to carry out Fire & Gas repairs and inspections.

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Get up to 12% off on our annual inspection bundles

Please send me more information about the SMD annual inspection bundle discount rates

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